Flower prices are highly seasonal. 

These sample price lists are for general planning purposes ONLY. 

Please contact us for a personal estimate for your event.

Many popular blooms, such as roses and calla lilies, are available year round, but their prices can still vary. 


Increasingly, blooms that once had limited seasons are being grown in greenhouses or other parts of the world. While this gives us more options for planning your day,  these special blooms usually cost more than seasonal/domestic ones.


We can advise you on what is available for your date, the additional costs of any special requests, and seasonal alternatives to help you stay within your budget.

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Sample Prices

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!


I’m excited to help you plan a wonderful celebration. If you’re like most couples, you’re scouring the Internet and researching vendors. You’re probably even emailing lots of them to get price quotes.


What follows is a sampling of ideas and prices for your wedding flowers. This is meant to make the process simpler for you and me, both. If you are in the research stage, you don’t need a full proposal yet. You just want ideas and a general idea of what those items will cost.


A few things to keep in mind:


*Everything listed here is adaptable to your flowers, colors, style, and season.


*Flowers are highly seasonal and sensitive. Many classic flowers, like roses and hydrangea, are available year round. But others, like peonies and dahlias, are available only certain months and exact dates vary from year to year based on weather and growing conditions. We’ll discuss your requested flowers and plan accordingly.


*Wedding magazines highlight special and expensive flowers. We’ve all fallen in love with bouquets we’ve seen highlighted in a magazine or on Pinterest. These pictures are carefully chosen to showcase a designer’s best work – like fashion on a runway.  Please understand that if you want “runway” fashion, it will cost “designer” prices.  (Often because we have to buy more flowers than needed in order to get the “perfect” blooms.)  


*Champagne taste on a beer budget?  Cliché, right? But often true. Sometimes the answer is a taste of champagne, and then filled out with good quality beer.  What I mean is – maybe you want to splurge on your bouquet, but go more subtle and classic for your bridesmaids. Tall centerpieces are often more dramatic if you mix them with low ones, like 4 tall and 8 low. And don’t forget the impact of candles!



Personal Flowers

Bride Bouquet


Basic               Simple but lovely bouquet of seasonally appropriate blooms, such as hydrangea, spray roses, lisianthus, mums, wax flower, and greenery. Inspiration photos welcome. Designer has discretion to choose specific materials and substitute as needed.

          Small     $100                  Medium               $120                    Large     $140


Moderate               Specialized bouquet of classic blooms and seasonal favorites, such as hydrangea, roses, callas, lilies, stock, gerbera daisies, tulips, dendrobium orchids, and greenery. Some special orders allowed. Inspiration photos encouraged. Designer will create a special piece based largely on those photos and personal discussion, retaining discretion to substitute materials for quality and availability.

          Small     $135                  Medium               $160                    Large     $200


High               Exquisite bouquet of high-end blooms or specially ordered flowers, such as peonies, dahlias, David Austin garden roses, ranunculus, cymbidium orchids, tropicals, and greenery. Inspiration photos highly encouraged. Designer will strive to create the bouquet of your dreams. We will have specific discussions regarding preferred substitutions and elements of design, in order to meet your wishes as close as possible. However, Designer retains final discretion to adapt and substitute for quality to create a beautiful piece.  **Prices are starting point. Specialized designs will be priced individually.**

          Small     $150                  Medium               $200                    Large     $250



Bridesmaid bouquets


Basic               Seasonally appropriate blooms, such as hydrangea, spray roses, lisianthus, mums, wax flower, and greenery.                  

          Posy      $20                    Small     $30                    Medium               $40


Moderate               Classic blooms and seasonal favorites, such as hydrangea, roses, stock, gerbera daisies, tulips, calla lilies, dendrobium orchids, and greenery.

          Posy      $30                    Small     $40                    Medium               $50


High               High-end blooms or specially ordered flowers, such as peonies, dahlias, David Austin garden roses, ranunculus, cymbidium orchids, tropicals, and greenery.

          Posy      $40                    Small     $50                    Medium               $60




     Basic          $10                                   Moderate          $12

     High          $15                                    Special          $12-18




     Basic              small      $18                   medium               $20

     Moderate      small      $20                   medium               $22

     High               small      $23                   medium               $25

                                       Pearl wristlet, add $5




Ceremony Flowers


Alter arrangements –    in simple container or placed in church’s containers


   Spray of mixed greenery with light accent flowers   

                                            $40/each or $75/pair

   Mixed greenery and white hydrangea with light accent flowers

                                           $50/each or $90/pair

    Full floral arrangement of white hydrangea, light greenery, and moderate focal flowers                    from $75/each or $140/pair



Aisle/Chair decorations


     Cluster of baby’s breath tied with ribbon            $6          

     Hydrangea bloom tied with ribbon                      $8

     Mixed greenery tied with ribbon                           $5-15

     Cluster of moderate flowers tied with ribbon     $10-25

                    in mason jar       add $3-5                              


     Light scattering of rose petals                                  $2/aisle

     Heavier scattering of rose petals                             $5-8/aisle

     Thin line of rose petals on sides of aisle                $4/aisle

     Heavier line of rose petals on sides of aisle          $8-15/aisle





Most of our short centerpieces range from $20-50.


Tall centerpieces generally run $50-150.


Please see our printable price list for more sample ideas, and we'd be happy to prepare a personalized estimate for you.